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Here I always share insights on discovering the beauties of Lake Como in every season.
You will discover events and places to explore during your vacation.
- Sarah

Vercana, 21-05-2024

June on Lake Como: Free to Explore!

I’m back to tell you about Lake Como in June. This month is the ideal time to enjoy walks and hikes in the magnificent landscape of Lake Como. With long days and pleasant temperatures, it’s the perfect moment to explore the numerous trails of the Upper Lake Como. From the Residence, you can reach many trails in just a few minutes. One of the most fascinating routes is the one to the

Vercana, 15-04-2024

April on Lake Como: the beauty of spring

Today I'll explain why in April I would consider a vacation on Lake Como, here at Residence Il Giardino di Lory. April marks the beginning of a delightful transformation around Lake Como. As spring comes to life with its colorful palette, the historic villas reopen their doors, unveiling captivating exhibitions and displays. Villa Monastero, Villa Balbianello, and Villa Carlotta invite visitors

Vercana, 05-03-2024

March on Lake Como: Nature, Culture, and Fun

Hello everyone! Here's a good reason why March is the perfect time for a vacation on Lake Como, here at Residence Il Giardino di Lory. First of all, the lengthening days. It's truly magical to see the sun extend its visit into the evening, allowing us to enjoy more hours of daylight. This means more time to stroll along the lake shores, immerse ourselves in nature, and take long hikes in the sur

Vercana, 22-01-2024

Traditional Bellano Festival: the Pesa Vegia 5th January

Today, I want to share the unforgettable experience at the Pesa Vegia in Bellano. This celebration, rooted for over four centuries, takes place every January 5th, making it one of the most magical and historically rich nights on Lake Como! Upon arriving in Bellano, I immediately breathed in the enchanting atmosphere created by the streets of the town transformed into scenes from the 1600s. Hundre

Vercana, 23-11-2023

Easy walking to 1500m high Rifugio Venini

Sundays in the cool autumn weather pass by.This time, I decided to treat myself to a rejuvenating walk in the mountains above Lenno, overlooking Lake Como. The cold, though not biting, made the air crisp, perfect for enjoying the fall. The destination was the Venini Mountain Refuge, a welcoming oasis at 1500 meters above sea level. The ascent through paths covered with dry leaves offered a specta

Vercana, 13-10-2023

Autumn Holidays on Lake Como

October has finally arrived, taking the summer away, but I have to say it has been quite kind: the air has become cooler, but the sun is still shining warmly and allowing for some nice outings.  The autumn foliage has returned to decorate the beautiful slopes of Lake Como and I am happy with the season that is coming to an end with all its ups and downs.  But the first November holiday

Vercana, 18-09-2023

Visiting Lake Como: the Barca Lariana Museum in Pianello del Lario

Hello everyone! September has arrived and with it the first grey, cool days.  Leo has started middle school and is excited to meet new classmates and new teachers, but the older he gets, the more difficult it becomes to keep him from getting bored on rainy Saturdays, so last week I took him on a tour of the Museo Barca Lariana: The International Museum of Vintage Boats. The Museum Barca Lar

Vercana, 25-08-2023

Visit Lake Como: Villa Melzi and its botanical garden in Bellagio

Hello everyone! Do you remember my villa tour that started a while ago? It continues today! My staff girls and I took a day off to visit a little jewel of Lake Como: the gardens of Villa Melzi in Bellagio. Once we arrived in the wonderful village, we explored its cobbled streets and enjoyed the colourful glimpses of the lake, looked in the shop windows of handicraft shops like the one of my frie

Vercana, 27-07-2023

Visit Lake Como: Como-Brunate funicolar

Hi everyone!!! This very hot July doesn't stop me and here is a new post for Il Giardino di Lory's blog!  During your relaxing stay on Lake Como you cannot miss a trip to the city of Como, maybe using the boat to get there (here is the post where I give you useful instructions for the perfect boat trip).  To experience Como in an even more authentic way, I suggest you choose a day when

Vercana, 27-06-2023

Corenno Plinio: medieval village in lake como

Near Dervio, perched on the Lecco shore of Lake Como, the ancient medieval village of Corenno Plinio dives into the lake with its stone walls, which once had the task of protecting the population from enemy attacks. A couple of days ago, I went to this magical village with my cousin, who had never seen it.  Coming from the main road you will find the square with the Church of St Thomas of Ca

Vercana, 19-05-2023

Boat trip on Lake Como

Hello everyone!  Here at il Giardino di Lory, summer is getting closer and closer, the jasmines are ready to bloom, and the sunshine is getting warmer.  Are you already dreaming of your holiday on Lake Como? I recommend adding a boat trip to your itinerary. The destinations that can be reached by lake are numerous, and I promise you that seeing the shores of Lake Como from its waters i

Vercana, 27-04-2023

Visit Lake Como: Villa del Balbianello

Hello everyone! Easter holidays started officially the new season and a lot of guests are already sunbathing and relaxing here at Il Giardino di Lory. Like every year, I am ready to give you advice on places to visit during your holiday on Lake Como.  You can find me at the reception… downstairs in the laundry …in the tool shed…in fact, wherever there is something to do

Vercana, 16-03-2023

How to reach the Residence on Lake Como

Hello everyone! The time has finally come for the reopening! The days are finally getting longer, the sky is bluer and the sunshine is getting warmer - it's the perfect weather to start the new season! Today I want to give you some very useful information, which I am often asked about: the various ways to get to the Residence from the main airports. I always recommend booking a rental car direct

Vercana, 23-02-2023

February, we celebrate our Carnival!

February is the month of Carnival, a celebration full of joy and fun, loved by children and by adults because you know... "a Carnevale ogni scherzo vale!" (At carnival every joke is a joke!). In Italy, the Carnival is celebrated at different times of the year depending on the area, but there are some cities where carnival celebrations are true centuries-old traditions and for this are visited by

Vercana, 17-01-2023

The year 2023 begins on Lake Como

Hello everyone!  First of all... Happy New Year!!!I hope you had happy holidays in the company of your loved ones and enjoyed some quality time with your special people.  I managed to take time to be with my family after the Residence closed, we watched movies, ate, went for nature walks, ate, visited Christmas markets all around the lake Como.  But now it's time to start thinkin

Vercana, 20-12-2022

What to do at Christmas on Lake Como?

Would you like to fully enjoy the magic of Christmas on Lake Como? Lake Como is not just a summer destination! In winter, the snow-capped peaks adorn the shores of Como and Lecco transforming them into a nativity scene that lights up at sunset, blending with the colours of the sky.  Need another reason to join us? Well... how about the Christmas markets? Christmas-themed events are numerous

Vercana, 22-11-2022

Panorama and the Giant Bench in Val D'Intelvi

As you may guess from all the other posts on my blog, Lake Como is an area that offers many forms of nature. Surrounding its mirroring waters are rivers, waterfalls, hills, mountains, forests and valleys. Val d'Intelvi is perfect for a Sunday trip if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the silence of nature.  The Val d'Intelvi starts from Argeg

Vercana, 27-10-2022

October on Lake Como: the month of chestnuts!

I really can’t hide my love for summer: the sunshine, the outdoor activities, and the beach days. But I confess that Autumn also is kinda charming to me. I love on sunny days walking through the woods with my little dog, hearing the colourful leaves crunching under my feet. But there is one thing I love even more about Autumn: Chestnuts Parties! There are a lot of Pro Loco groups in North L

Vercana, 30-09-2022

The Tibetan Bridge in Valtellina

Guess where we all went last weekend? I'll give you three clues: an incredible view, a really high bridge and a very clear sky.  Now put these three things together and the answer will be none other than... Il Ponte nel Cielo! In Val Tartano at an altitude of 1034 m is one of the highest suspended bridges in Europe. Situated at a height of 140 metres from the ground, it floats with its stee

Vercana, 26-08-2022

Visit Lake Como: Isola Comacina

A few days ago, my son Leonardo said to me during dinner, 'Mum, did you know that today at the sailing course they told us that there is also an island in Lake Como? The Island Comacina!"  He was so excited about his discovery that yesterday I wanted to take him to see it.  So we took the 9.42 am ferry from Domaso and after a couple of hours we arrived on the island. We loved the sight

Vercana, 27-07-2022

Domaso: Wind Paradise, Sport, Windsurf e Sup Yoga

If you are looking for an active holiday in contact with nature, there is a paradise waiting for you just a few steps away from Residence Il Giardino di Lory. Domaso, 'Il Paradiso del Vento' (The Wind Paradise) is located just below Vercana, with numerous beaches, sports equipment rentals and wind... at will! Enjoy a sunny day in the waters of Lake Como and immerse yourself in the territory. Amo

Vercana, 28-06-2022

The best beaches of Lake Como

A few days ago, a guest of Il Giardino di Lory asked me where he could find a free, equipped beach within walking distance of the Residence. I did not hesitate for a second: in Domaso!  Lake Como is generous also when it comes to beaches; it offers plenty of them distributed all around its perimeter. On warmer days, they are perfect for cooling off with the winds blowing ashore and spendin

Vercana, 23-05-2022

Visit Lake Como: Villa Monastero

My dear friends, my tour to rediscover the villas of Lake Como continues! Lately, I have been trying to spend my days off visiting the beauties of Lake Como, taking family, and friends, or even going alone to take my mind off everything.  Today I was in Varenna, a very famous village on the Lecco shore in the lake center. In summer it receives many tourists and is quite crowded, but it conse

Vercana, 29-04-2022

Visit Lake Como: Villa Carlotta

I love the springtime because with the good weather you can walk on our trails again, go cycling around the lake and ... visit the sumptuous historic villas that adorn the shores of Lake Como with their gardens! One of these is in Tremezzo, Villa Carlotta is an eighteenth-century villa, inside which there are beautiful works of art by Antonio Canova and Berthel Thorvaldsen. It is surrounded by a

Vercana, 28-03-2022

It's spring, the Camellia festival!

During the Easter Holidays there is an event I really can’t miss. For the Easter lunch I usually meet my relatives and then, in the afternoon, we go to visit the Mostra delle Camelie. The Mostra delle Camelie is part of the tradition of many families living on the lake, and every year on Easter Sunday and Monday they go to Palazzo Gallio in Gravedona to participate this event, born exactly

Vercana, 25-02-2022

Monti di Vercana - The mountains above the Residence

February is an uncertain month: sometimes it shines the sun with spring-day temperature. Sometimes, the rain brings along the typical grey atmosphere of the Autumn with the clouds surrounding our mountains. Furthermore, some days are snow days, like a typical December Christmas Eve. Sunny days are my favourite, they not only give me a taste of the Spring coming, but they also are perfect for tri

Vercana, 23-12-2021

Christmas in Como - The City of Toys

A great come-back in Como this year, one of the most appreciated events for both kids and adults. The city this year transforms itself again into the Città dei Balocchi! The Christmas Spirit is spreading on the Lake Como, with the typical stands of sweets and handmade products, the ice-skating rink and the famous Christmas decorations projected on the walls all around the city. Last Sunda

Vercana, 18-11-2021

Lake Como's Jewels by Sonia Ambrosi

Today is cloudy on Lake Como, the soft colours of the water and the mountains under the overcast sky create a very relaxing atmosphere. So, I decided to take you with me to discover one of the many handicraft shops in the North Lake Como. Sonia Ambrosi welcomes me with a big smile in her artistic laboratory of Gera Lario. Sonia owns two artistic spaces in Gera and Bellagio, where she exhibits an

Vercana, 21-10-2021

Autumn on Lake Como

The smell of roast chestnuts, a crackling fire, carpets of multicolour leaves.A well-known 90s song says “The summer is magic” … yes, but the Autumn even more!In this fascinating season the leaves of lindens, chestnuts and planes paint the slopes with warm and bright colours. Reflecting on the lake, these shades create a unique landscape that during October and November enchants

Vercana, 17-03-2021

Visit Lake Como: Bellagio, the Pearl of Lake Como

Bellagio, the pearl of Lake Como - Visit Lake ComoBellagio is located at the tip of the promontory where the two branches of Lake Como meet forming the third vertex of the Larian Triangle. Known as "The pearl of Lake Como", Bellagio is a commune well known for its amazing landscape and his special position on the lake. With the Alps in the north and Lake Como branching out in the south, Bellagio o

Vercana, 17-03-2021

The power of the massage

Who hasn't done or received a massage, even just to soothe a pain? Massages give many different benefits, even though one of the main goals is relaxing, by rebalancing our vital energies useful for our psychological and physical well-being, which keep us young and healthy.  Body manipulation is reflected by reducing anxiety and stress and improving blood and lymphatic circulation, relieving

Vercana, 29-01-2021

Persico fish risotto of Lake Como

One of the oldest and most delicious recipes "made on Lake Como" is the Persico Risotto. This dish is the excellent synthesis of the integration between the food resources of the territory and the gastronomic knowledge, while recent studies affirm that the fish in general from our beautiful lake are low in fat and rich in essential nutrients such as noble proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. It loo

Vercana, 09-01-2021

Lake Como Events: Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este has a long tradition. As per tradition, it will be held in May in Cernobbio: it's an appointment that vintage cars lovers can't miss! Lake Como will be hosting this wonderful date with the history of motoring in a unique location: the areas of Villa d’Este and Villa Erba, on the shores of the lake. This elegance competition, held for the first tim

Vercana, 07-01-2021

Visit Lake Como: Villa Fogazzaro

Visit Lake Como means not only visiting amazing places on the Lake Como side but also what is around. One examples is Villa Fogazzaro Roi (Lake Lugano). The Villa Fogazzaro Roi overlook the Italian side of Lake Lugano and represented a place of peace and inspiration for Fogazzaro (italian writer), where he spent the pleasant summer holidays. The writer from Vicenza composed his most famous novel,

Vercana, 07-01-2021

Visit Lake Como: Villa Erba

Villa Erba, in Cernobbio, is one of the most important 19th-century villas in Italy. It was built as a summer residence for the Erba family, and during the years, it housed many artists, becoming the fulcrum of the cultural and social life of the time. In the last century, the villa became also the summer residence of the great film director Luchino Visconti, who in his last years, came back to th

Vercana, 31-12-2020

We are not an hotel, we are better!

This is us! We are not an hotel, we are better! A residence with eight apartments, a breathtaking lake view, swimming pool and playground! Everything your heart desires for a vacation with your family or friends. A fully equipped apartment with hotel-level services. A friendly environment, a few minutes from the lake and the mountains; an excellent starting point to do some trekking or a mountain

Vercana, 31-12-2020

Como Lake & Sports.

Here’s a small taste of the sports you can practice, just a few minutes from the Il Giardino di Lory Residence. You can choose between Windsurf, Kitesurf, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Water Skiing, Sailing... there’s something for everyone! It also depends on the wind conditions. Our amazing Breva - the fresh breeze coming from the South - is ideal for amateurs and for those who pr

Vercana, 31-12-2020

Christmas! What a magic!

This is what we call “Christmas Spirit”! Every year, during Christmas, Como becomes magic!!! Every corner of the city centre features a fantastic light and colour show. You can stroll around the traditional Christmas market, where you can purchase beautiful gifts and local lakeside food products. Alternatively, you can ice skate with the entire family on the rink set-up right by the la

Vercana, 24-12-2020

Visit Lake Como: Villa Vigoni

Villa Vigoni is a charming house museum from the nineteenth century, residence of the German patron Enrico Mylius. Here there are rich art collections, with works by prestigious artists, still arranged in the rooms of the villa, recently restored. The park is rich in extraordinary sculptures, among which are works by Canova, Thorvaldsen and rare pieces. It offers the opportunity of a walk between

Vercana, 24-12-2020

Visit Lake Como: The End of the II World War Museum in Dongo

Visit and discover Lake Como museums during the coldest season. The End of the II World War museum in Dongo has been recently renovated. Dongo is the place where Benito Mussolini and the fascist ministers of the RSI (Italian Social Republic) were captured on 27th April 1945. "Our Museum: a voice which tells to the future generations the importance of the events that took place in Dongo in April 19

Vercana, 21-12-2020

Visit Lake Como: Monte Legnone, the highest peak in the province of Lecco

Monte Legnone, when you looking at the summit, according to a tradition of Lake Como, it is possible to understand the weather . The saying reads, "When Legnun and the Cappadocia", which translates into Italian, means: "When the Monte Legnone has the hat (or the summit is hidden from the clouds), abandon the sickle and take the rake (that is, stop cutting the hay and hurry to pick it up because it

Vercana, 21-12-2020

Visit Lake Como: the beautiful Villa la Gaeta

Residence Il Giardino di Lory suggests to visit an unmissable gem of Lake Como: Villa La Gaeta. The villa was built in the twenties by Gino and Adolfo Coppedè for industrial Ambrosoli and takes its name from the peak on which it stands. It was built on the site of an earlier building, with a particular style that is very eclectic. It has the shape of a medieval and Renaissance castle while

Vercana, 21-12-2020

Holidays on Lake Como: the real protagonist is water

Visit Lake Como: what to do while here? If you want tranquility, beauty and nature this is the right place. For every need you have, Lake Como offers different opportunities. From the lake to the mountains, crossing local traditions and sport activities, it is possible to discover the magical Lake Como. Today I want to describe the territory through topics, the water is the first one: the main wat

Vercana, 17-12-2020

Visit Lake Como: Piona Abbey

Shhh! Can you hear that?Listen up!It is the sound of silence. A sound that we can’t find in our everyday life, full as it is of words, noises and noisy thoughts. But Lake Como is full of places ready to give you the quiet you are looking for. One of these places is right over there, in front of the Residence. Looking attentively in the deep green of the Lecco shore, you will see a building o

Vercana, 17-12-2020

Visit Lake Como: the Natural Reserve of Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola

The Natural Reserve of Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola and has been established to ensure in the spirit of the Ramsar Convention (1971), the environment suitable to stop and the nesting of the migratory birds, in order to protect and maintain the natural features and landscapes of the wetland, to regulate and control the use of the area for educational and recreational purposes and to regulate the

Vercana, 16-12-2020

Lake Como Events: Morbegno in Cantina

Morbegno is a very nice town located half an hour from Vercana, it is a nice place to visit all year round but in particular during the Morbegno in Cantina event. The event Morbegno in Cantina involves about 50 cellars among the most ancient ones in Morbegno and its surroundings. "Morbegno in cantina" is an event of  testing of fine wines DOC, DOCG and Valtellina Strive accompanied by delici

Vercana, 11-12-2020

Lake Como sports

Lake Como sport for excellence is sailing, but is not the only one. Crossed by winds known as the "Breva", the breeze that blows from the south to the north, the territory of the Middle and Upper lake area is ideal for those who want to have fun with windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing, sup and wake ( wakeboard / wakesurf / wakeskate ). For lovers of horse riding you can go to riding schools and ri

Vercana, 24-07-2019

Camelia: the Symbol of Lake Como

The Camellia flowering, a spectacle of nature! The Camellia floral genus has more than a hundred species and it is prevalently widespread in Asia . The most known and cultivated species is the Camellia Sinensis, it is the plant from which the tea is dried. The cultivation of camellias, and their hybridization, takes place in Europe from the 1700s and over the years the transformation into flowers



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