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Vercana, 23-02-2023

February, we celebrate our Carnival!

February is the month of Carnival, a celebration full of joy and fun, loved by children and by adults because you know... "a Carnevale ogni scherzo vale!" (At carnival every joke is a joke!).

In Italy, the Carnival is celebrated at different times of the year depending on the area, but there are some cities where carnival celebrations are true centuries-old traditions and for this are visited by many tourists in this period. For instance, the Carnival in Venice is known for the beautiful masks worn by parade-goers every year. Here, the first traces of Carnival date back to around the year 1000 when thanks to costumes and masks, social differences were cancelled and even the humblest social classes could play tricks on the most important personalities. 

Another town where the Carnival is part of the local culture is Viareggio with its famous allegorical carriages. The tradition dates back to the second half of the 19th century, and today the carriages are inspired by social and political themes, representing current events in a satirical way. They are the largest in the world and, being mechanised,  they move along the promenade creating a unique spectacle of tricks.

In our own small way, we celebrated properly even here in Vercana by dressing up in our 70s-themed costumes! With the Pro Loco we organised games for adults and children and we all danced together. We took part in the Domaso parade and celebrated in the streets and on the lakeside among confetti and streamers.

The days are getting longer here on Lake Como and I can't wait to open the Residence again to see you enjoy the beautiful view. See you soon!

- Sarah




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