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Benvenuto nel mio piccolo spazio sul web. Qui condivido sempre degli spunti su come scoprire le bellezze del Lago di Como in ogni stagione.
Scoprirai eventi e luoghi da esplorare durante la tua vacanza.
- Sarah

Vercana, 21-12-2020

Visit Lake Como: Monte Legnone, the highest peak in the province of Lecco

Monte Legnone, when you looking at the summit, according to a tradition of Lake Como, it is possible to understand the weather . The saying reads, "When Legnun and the Cappadocia", which translates into Italian, means: "When the Monte Legnone has the hat (or the summit is hidden from the clouds), abandon the sickle and take the rake (that is, stop cutting the hay and hurry to pick it up because it does not bathe for the imminent thunderstorm) "» Monte Legnone at 2,609 meters high is the highest peak in the province of Lecco, and it is possible to see it from both Milan and Brianza. From the pyramidal shape with regular lines is the corner pillar between the basin of Lake Como and Valtellina. Only the north slope, unevenly, is 250 meters above the plain of Delebio; famous and frequented by hikers for the panoramic view of the central Alps directly on the lake and on the Valtellina. In the wood of the woods Legnoncino is a secondary peak placed to the west of the main peak. Walking by car, the panoramic road that climbs into Val Varrone, the most famous and most popular climbing route, starts from the Roccoli Lorla refuge (CAI di Dervio). A comfortable trail does not have any particular difficulty, only in the end it leaves the place to an easy and fun climbing on rocks. The path goes through nature, with a bivouac called "Ca 'de legn" about halfway, few are the slightest strenuous traits for stiffness, but effort is always rewarded by the breathtaking panorama. Arriving at the top we find the cross of the summit, replaced in 2003, with a cippo with indicated the distances of the various peaks that we can recognize. From the summit you can see clearly Valtellina, Lake Como, the mountain ranges of the Val Masino, the Grigne, the Pizzo dei Tre Signori and much more. The CAI sign at the start of the trail from the average journey time of 3 hours and 30 minutes. 


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