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Vercana, 26-12-2020

Visit Lake Como: Isola Comacina

Isola Comacina, also known as Isola di San Giovanni, offers one of the most distinctive and spectacular views on Lake Como. Isola Comacina is a wooded island, part of the commune of Tremezzina. The island has a glorious and tragic history: fortified by the Gauls and later by the Romans, it was an important political and religious center. According to legend, the island was the place where Magistri Comacini’s ars muraria was born, and from where the Italian Medieval art developed. Isola Comacina had its crisis in 1169, when Barbarossa and the Comaschi attacked it: ever since, it remained uninhabited and abandoned. Only in XVII century a baroque church for Saint John (San Giovanni) was built, the only non-recent building still standing today. On the island, however, some ancient architectures are still visible: ruins of Roman and late Roman walls, parts of a Romanesque chapel's foundations and remains of a V century baptistery, ruins of the XI century Basilica of Saint Eufemia, ruins of the churches of Santa Maria del Portico (XII century), San Pietro in Castello and Saints Faustino and Giovita. Today Isola Comacina is property of the Brera Academy, which received it as a gift from the Italian State, and it is not only a unique environmental heritage, with its scenery and its view on Lake Como, but also one of the most interesting archeological sites in northern Italy, and a valuable evidence of the historical importance of Lake Como.


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