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Vercana, 18-11-2021

Lake Como's Jewels by Sonia Ambrosi

Today is cloudy on Lake Como, the soft colours of the water and the mountains under the overcast sky create a very relaxing atmosphere.

So, I decided to take you with me to discover one of the many handicraft shops in the North Lake Como. Sonia Ambrosi welcomes me with a big smile in her artistic laboratory of Gera Lario.

Sonia owns two artistic spaces in Gera and Bellagio, where she exhibits anything through which she can represent her big love for Lake Como: pictures, paintings and her collection of porcelain jewels born in 2019 and called “The Pearl of the Lake”. 

Necklaces, rings and earrings are made up by opaque porcelain spheres of different dimensions and colours “inspired by the territory as white, black, the light blue of the water, the green of the mountains and the beige of the ground”, Sonia tells me. Every charm is adorned with the profile of Lake Como or a stylized golden wave, “to synthetise the sunlight on the gathering water”, she continues.

Mixed together and united with a chain, these spheres form unique and precious necklaces, very appreciated by tourists but also by local people, for the way we see well represented the essence of our beloved lake. 

To create these spheres, Sonia tells me she follows a long process of moulding, firing, and painting with her own hands, so that every piece is unique and unrepeatable: “No one is alike”.

If you want to take home with you the Lake Como, these jewels born of the love for the territory are exactly what you need.

- Sarah :)



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