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Our little guests are as welcome as everyone else at our “Il Giardino di Lory” residence. It’s always exciting to meet new children and see how they grow and develop as the years go by! Seeing those happy smiles, hearing them have fun at the play park, looking on as they take their first dip in the swimming pool, always with their arms round mummy or daddy’s neck. They’re certainly fantastic but a holiday with children is truly challenging! This is why we help you parents out with your family holidays and make the bare essentials your little darlings need available during your stay. The following are available at prior notice and free of charge



We all know that for little children, a bed is a marvellous place, not just to sleep, but also to play. For babies and toddlers up to 2 years, Il Giardino di Lory provides an additional cot with mattress, baby pillow and cute sheets and blankets.

Baby Bath

Bath time is always a sweet and special moment, for babies and parents alike! For all those children that are not used to taking a shower, our residence offers a nice little bath tub, to fill with water, foam and many different toys, and let them enjoy an exciting experience, exploring a new world!

High chair (or booster seat) and tableware

What better time to share than lunch or dinner? We have a high chair (for babies) or booster seat available, and colourful, non-slip, safe and ergonomic tableware, to let your children enjoy their space peacefully and independently!


For our little guests

Changing table

With babies in tow, a changing table is something we just can’t give up, to protect your and their hygiene. Ask for one when you book a room! You can choose between a fixed and a mobile one.

Baby rocker

A comfortable and handy “baby rocker” with low seat, swinger, toys and music is available on request for babies. Your baby will have fun, be cuddled, and relax, and you with them!


For those of you who use it, we can provide a sterilizer to clean all your baby stuff properly, to remove any milk residues and prevent the development of bacteria. Less worries, more relax!

On request

for a fee, we have:

Mountain child carrier backpack

Trekking is one of the most beloved and most practiced sports by our guests, adults and children alike! It’s never too early to start enjoying it! To make little ones approach this activity, we provide a comfortable “mountain child carrier backpack”, to spend some time with your children, without sacrificing the pleasure of a healthy walk!


We know that space in the car is never enough, especially when you are on holidays with little children! This is why we decided to make your life a little easier! If you want, we can provide the stroller! Just ask if it’s available, before you arrive!

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Via Provinciale, 25 22013 Vercana Lago di Como - ITALIA
tel: +39 3349211979 fax: +39 03441972002



Residence Lago di Como, Case vacanza Via Provinciale, 25 22013 Vercana Lago di Como - Italia tel: +39 3349211979 fax: +39 03441972002
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